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Enter the URL you want to look up and click "Check" to check the safety of the site.
The feature of this site is not only to check the safety, but also to capture and display the response result, so it is possible to check what kind of screen will be displayed if you access it.

What is displayed in the frame is the captured capture. Since the access destination is only displayed as an image, it does not mean that the user is actually accessing a dangerous site.

It tells you the security of the access destination of the URL entered in this way.
If the received email contains a suspicious URL, we recommend that you do not access it carelessly and first check if you can connect to such a site with SecURL.

Website Safety Assessment by Trend Micro

It is a website safety evaluation site provided by Trend Micro, which is generally known as OfficeScan. It is possible to investigate the security of the access destination by entering the URL in the same way as SecURL and clicking "Confirm Now".

The difference with SecURL is that this does not capture a capture. In addition, it is not tested for viruses and is evaluated on a 4-point scale (safety, danger, suspicious, and unrated) according to Trend Micro's definition. Kota, here will rate the categories of your website. In the above case, it is "safe" because it is inspected by google, and it is classified as "search engine / portal" and "cloud application".

If the site is managed by you or your company, or if you think that the evaluation is clearly different from the fact even if you are not the administrator, you can request a change of the content from "Request for change of evaluation content". Is possible.

However, what you can do here is just a request, and the changes are not always made as requested. Trend Micro will conduct a new survey based on the request, and the content will be updated based on the survey results.

FortiGuard Labs

A web filtering service provided by Fortinet, which manufactures and sells FortiGate. This is an English site, but the usage is the same as the previous two, and you can search by entering the URL you want to search for in "Serch Web Filtering".

Unlike the previous two, the results only show the category "Category: Search Engines and Portals" as shown above. It doesn't show a clear security, but if it's a dangerous site, it will say "Malicious Websites" or "Phishing" here.

You can also request to change the result from "Request a Review". If you are using FortiGate and the required site is determined by FortiGate to be a suspicious site, this category change request may solve the problem.

IBM  X-Force Exchange

This is a URL survey site provided by IBM. The usage is the same as other ones, but the feature of this site is that the contents that can be put in the inspection form are not limited to URLs, but also hash values, IP addresses, common vulnerability identifiers (CVE), etc. The results are displayed according to each information.

When you enter the URL, the risk level is displayed as 1-10 like this. (1 is safe, 10 is dangerous) Also, categories are displayed as well as Trend Micro and FortiGuard services.
As mentioned above, you can search for information other than URLs, but in this article I would like to talk about URL surveys, so I would like to explain other search results at another time.

At the end

This time, I introduced multiple methods for conducting URL surveys, but it is very important to utilize multiple sites in parallel for URL surveys. Since each site provider independently investigates what the URL looks like, the results will vary greatly depending on the site. Therefore, even if one service is judged to be safe, do not take the result and make a comprehensive judgment based on the results of investigations using multiple sites.

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